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In 1972, Joseph E. Salame established and started operating his agribusiness in Kfardebian, Lebanon. This company was the foundation of what is now SAJES. His success in integrating his family members in the family owned business matched with his vision, ambition, and dynamism, the company developed and became a professional and modern company while maintaining a higher level of human values and ethics. We are a family-owned business with over three companies active in various sectors.


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We work hard after every sunrise to maintain great customer relationships and ensure that what we offer meets our customers’ needs and desires through the different services and products.  Our success remains correlated to several factors: valuable and trustworthy relationships with God, suppliers, customers, and with the people helping us. We continuously maintain introducing new products adequate to the farmers needs, hobby gardeners and by keeping an ear to listen all the requests and problems faced by our customers and offering back the most convenient solution separately to every single problem.


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