Agricultural Development Division




This division is under construction. We aim that by the end of 2026 to start serving the nation at large through the promotion of economic viability of commercial agriculture. We aim to have innovative and dynamic partnerships with local and international, private and public entities that are concerned with agriculture sustainable development. We aim to enable the youth to continue considering agriculture as a great opportunity to do business, produce locally and remain attached to their land, and continue improving the different levels of the value chain.




This division will provide several services. We should be capable of mainly:

  • partnering with external aid entities to implement new development projects,
  • accepting donations to initiate agriculture sustainable projects that can be used as role models for other farmers,
  • providing risk management analysis and explanation to both investors in the agricultural sector, farmers and other external entities,
  • providing a calendar of agricultural events taking place nationwide that will allow farmers to exchange with their colleagues from different regions, and get them exposed to the innovations and new technologies in the agricultural sector.  


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